Manafort Convicted

Former campaign manager and international person of interest, Paul Manafort was found guilty today of 8 counts of fraud and tax evasion.  Not bad, but considering he was charged with 18 counts, I’d say that’s not really a huge win.

Trump, who continues to praise the now convicted felon, Manafort, now holds the ability to pardon him.  Knowing that Trump is…  unpredictable at best, and completely insane at worst, we have to guess at what his next move is.  He clearly doesn’t care about optics, but even I cannot imagine that he’d be stupid enough to pardon Manafort.  Although every time I say that, he proves that he is, indeed, stupid enough.

Wonder what the actual contract looks like between Manafort and Trump?  What kind of terms did Manafort get for his continued silence.

Also in today’s news.  Michael Cohen pleads guilty also to 8 counts of fraud.  Top shelf on that list is none other than campaign finance violations.

While Manafort is sticking tight to his No-cooperation theme, Cohen is a bit less of a tough guy.  He’s about to sing like a canary.  He began by giving up Trump in court by stating that he paid off the two women (that Trump had an affair with) at the request of, then candidate Donald Trump.

In the end, it is very unclear whether or not either of these men will serve time behind bars.  After all, they have the Triple Crown;  They are white, they are rich, and they are corrupt.

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