Making America Great Again… But not.

Trump: Making Merica Great Again…

  • Embarrasses entire country, repeatedly, on international stages.
  • Creates haven for Alt-Right nationalists. Emboldens both the KKK and Neo-Nazi groups.
  • Supports, suggests and encourages sexual assault on women.
  • Champions the dumbing down of America. Fights science, and considers anyone with an education as an “elitist”.
  • Supports Russia’s assimilation into the U.S. National Security infrastructure through requested hacking, and information sharing.
  • Encourages fear mongering, and xenophobia against any race or class of human that doesn’t go along exactly with his own.
  • Repeatedly engages in admiration/love/obsession of dictators and tyrants.
  • Wants a “Berlin style” wall. Again this supports many of the points listed here.
  • Uses divisive rhetoric to separate the nation. Weakening us to outside political influences.
  • Undermines the best interest of the U.S. through policies and executive orders. In both foreign and domestic arenas.
  • Has built an alternate reality, where facts are seen as the enemy of the state.

I dare say, this was never America. These were reasons good men and women fought wars across the globe. But we were always* fighting AGAINST them… not for them. How our values and ideals have become so perverted over the last 20 – 30 years, I don’t know. And how a supporter of Donald Trump can so easily gloss over his traitorous behavior, leaves me perplexed.

These are not the values of America. These are the values of a cut-rate dictator.

Don’t like any of the points you see here. Call me out on it. I can supply direct examples to each of the claims listed. Not only can I supply his examples, I can supply examples of historically horrible rulers that implemented the same tactics. So… Balls in your court.


*There are instances where the reasons given to go fight, did not match the truth. In these cases our own “common good” values where banked to further the financial interests of certain members of our leadership. While those “common good” reasons did hold a bit of truth to them, they were not the primary goal of those actions. This has happened on several occasions, and could possibly be held to the light in ALL cases.

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