This is us. Chris and Andee.

I’ll try to keep this short. We’ve been riding together since we got married some 18 years ago.  Early on Andee had a major crash, nearly breaking her neck.  Needless to say, the biking stopped for a while. She needed some time to get used to the idea again, and I needed some time to stop feeling guilty for pushing her so hard.

We had picked it back up, when I purchased her a new full suspension mountain bike, a 2006 Giant Trance 4.  We rode off and on but she never really took to the bike and she was still nervous on technical terrain. Which was understandable.  The bike was heavy.  REALLY heavy, and she couldn’t get a good feel for it.

In 2016 we started to ride more and she was determined to pick it back up. That’s when we found ourselves at the Santos Fat Tire Festival.  While we where in the demo bike area, I suggested that we walk over to the Liv bikes tent and take a look.  She test rode a Pique, and within month she was the proud owner of a brand new Pique Advanced 2.  She TOOK to this bike! Since then, we have been riding religiously every weekend.

So here we are.  We thought it would be fun to chronicle our adventures.  And while we were at it, may as well write some reviews of the things we’ve encountered.  I mean, why not?