Mountain Biking as the Ultimate Meditation

Stolen from internet. Brandon Semenuk from unReal

Biking as the ultimate meditation.  I always thought that meditation came as sitting in a quiet room and concentrating on your breathing.  But it was explained to me that the purpose of that concentration wasn’t just a breathing exercise, it was more of a…  Bringing yourself to that moment.

Most of our day is spent worrying about past or future events.  Meditation is supposed to focus you on the here and now. It occurred to me that riding my bike, has that same effect.  But a bit less boring.

Just like focusing on your breathing, focusing on the path in front of you brings you to that moment.  In fact, I’d almost suggest that it’s better than the slow-acting breathing exercise, in that it’s a forced focus.  An absolute focus, with consequences.  Bringing all your attention to a single moment, of the here and now.  I’d even suggest that; the more technical or dangerous the trail, the more focused you’ll be. Hence the deeper in meditation you will become.

I’ve never had much use for meditation.  While I’m perfectly happy to clear my mind, I’ve always found it difficult to remain there of my own free will. So really, I’m not one to sit and focus.  But ride and focus…  Oh, now that I can do.  I’m probably a master of it by now, and didn’t even know it.  Could probably start calling myself Yogi Oni Ra Ra.  Or not…  whatever.

In the end, I know after a good ride, I feel more relaxed and at peace with the world.  I suppose that’s how people feel after they meditate the traditional way?  But I bet they don’t have the same cool scars.  Or fun.


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