The Intrigue

So the wife was the first one to get a new bike.  We had been riding for while and it was becoming clear to us that her old 2008 Trance 4 was a bit cumbersome for her to wield around. We weren’t too serious about shopping but as it happened we found ourselves in the perfect situation to browse.

Santos, our favorite riding spot was having it’s annual Fat Tire Festival.  And of course, one of the main features of the event is Demo bikes.  A lot of manufacturers show up to pimp their goods.  One of those was Liv.

She hadn’t ridden a women’s specific bike before and was even a little skeptical if there was anything to it.  With a little bit of nudging, she took one out for a test ride.

She tested out the Pique and it was instant love.  Not too long after that, we had one in the garage.  We bought her the Pique Advanced 2.  And to be honest, I was a little jealous.  I had been riding a 2004 Litespeed Niota, which wasn’t a bad bike…  but it’s 2017, and I was getting tired of getting comments like, “Oldschool, cool man” and “Nice Retro…”  So yeah, when I hopped on her new bike, I had some bike-envy.

It was about 2 months later that I purchase my Trance Advanced 2. And yeah, I love it.  We’ve been on these bikes a little over a year, and we have been serious about riding.  So serious in-fact, that she’s been researching everything to do with mountain biking.  So it came as no surprise when she said, “I want more travel. Your bike has more travel than mine, and now that we’re riding harder trails, I need something a little more beefy.”

What could I say?  I couldn’t argue the fact.  She had a 120mm of travel and that was fine for almost all riding conditions, but she was starting to notice things.  And she was curious if the slacker head tube and extra travel would be more suited to our riding style.

But Liv didn’t have anything between the Pique and Hail (their Enduro bike) and she had test rode one of those and wasn’t too sure she liked it.  She had almost talked herself into the Hail when along came the Liv Intrigue.  New for 2019 line. Perfect! This may be the answer she’s looking for.  It’s more without being too much.

We’ll see.

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