Our Cameras Hate Us

I’m old, I’m slow, but damn…  I’m having more fun now than ever.

Sorry about the vertical video.  It happens.

I’m sure most of you, by this point, have noticed that your video never does the obstacle justice.   It’s like some sort of universal joke. When you’re there, live, everything is real, and big.  It’s all steeper, taller, rougher, and more scary when you’re actually there, in person.  But when you get your video home and watch it.  You’re almost embarrassed to show anyone.

It’s like, “Hey, check out this massive descent I did yesterday…”  And then it looks like an Ant hill on screen.  Nobody is going to believe you.  Or they just look at you with pity and give you the ‘ol, head nod.

Our cameras hate us.  They are supposed to be there for us when we do something cool and amazing.  But all they do is defame us mock our life experiences.  Oh sure, you can blame it on the lens or digital zoom failures. But, we know the truth; Nothing they shoot is real.

Or, maybe we really aren’t as bad ass as we think we are?  I dunno?

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